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Keeping The Faith: Being Offended

Gives reasons why Christians should not be offended by people who are faithless, rude, obnoxious and walking the path opposite of faith in Jesus Christ.

When I was a young kid I used to feel very hurt by offensive words and manners of people. [To tell the truth, I must confess, I still am]. What hurts the most is that I used to always think to myself ‘doesn’t this person know what their words are communicating and that their tone of voice, attitude and manner of actions are really distressing me.’ All the while I was so afraid to say anything, since I was such a timid person. Well, I never got over this initial shock of insensitive people to others. It seemed to me that they had learned to make their voices heard at no matter what costs it was to others. To this day I do not know where I obtained my sensitivity, but I find it a precious thing.

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