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(written by LaJuan)
I have faith
I have wall breaking
Solid rock kind of everlasting
It’s never binding
But ever climbing up the mountain
It’s something you get when you’ve hit the floor
And you’re damaged like you’ve never been before
And something kind of happens that turns it around
And you pick yourself up off the ground
It’s Faith, Faith, Faith
I have faith
I have earth shaking
Mirical making, love driven
Muscle behind me
Power inside me, God given
It’s something that builds when you seek the lord
And lay your burdens at his door
cause with him you just can not help but win
So believe it and get back up again
Have Faith, Faith, Faith
Your cross is heavy and the mountain is high
Keep moving your gonna make that climb
Have Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith – created at http://animoto.com

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