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Satan works overtime to establish strife and conflict in today’s society, however it is most unfortunate when he puts one religion against another. We can only hope that civility will prevail in helping cooler heads to win this one. We should be expressing our love for one another, not spewing hate and anger as we tend to do so often today.

None of us should doubt the sincerity of our Muslim brothers and their commitment to their beliefs, however it is those very beliefs that beg for reasoning from the rest of the world. Being a Christian myself, I can appreciate dedication to your chosen faith, and while some may   claim to use this commitment to their benefit, the world should realize that this religion is being held hostage by a few.

Christians have been persecuted for years for their beliefs in Jesus Christ as their one and only Savior, so why should our status today be any different. We move forward by our faith, not by our sight, and that confuses some spectators, who firmly believe that they should be able to see and touch something in order for it to be real.

Most religions today are not tolerable to others because they believe that theirs is the only true word. When another brother gets into a religious conversation, it is almost as though we see a feeding frenzy occurring right in front of your eyes. This is one of the reasons why many choose not to enter into conversations of such a nature.

This intolerance to others is what causes our society to be separated in so many different directions. We prefer to take aggressive measures against each other, simply because they do not agree with us. If anyone finds any part of the Bible, (the Word of God) that suggests being aggressive to their neighbors, they are probably reading from the wrong book, because our Creator advocates peace and love.

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