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When we make the decision to become a Christian, our guidelines should be based on the Bible, yet today we have several individuals who profess to be Christians and still refuse to use the Bible as an example. These same individuals refer to god’s word, but use it only when the words suit them or their cause. That is not what God wants from us, we are expected to follow the Bible and Gods word completely.

The Bible is very clear in how we are supposed to act in our sexual orientation. We cannot profess to be Christians, yet blatantly disobey the word of God, just because it does not suit us. There will come a time when we will be expected to account for our actions in this matter and you can expect a similar reaction as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Not because you appreciate how a woman wears her clothes, should you choose to wear them. Men (and women) are expected to wears their clothes, not each others. Cross dressers are just as guilty of going against God’s word as individuals who choose members of their own sex to go to bed with. We should not confuse the enjoyment of someone’s company, (as a friend) to crossing that very serious line to the same sex relationship.

Bible principles are very important for us to live by, simply because this is how we tell God and the rest of the world where our priorities lie. It is pointless telling the world that we believe in God and we will follow him forever, yet we  insist on living a life that he would obviously not approve of.

Christianity is all about Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. Even though we are sinners, (and we know it) we are not expected to maintain a life of sin, in fact if we are genuine Christians, the desire to sin and live a life contrary to God’s expectations would be intolerable.

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