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Emotive unstable, You’re like an unwinding cable car
Listening for voices, but it’s the choices that make us who we are
Go your own way, even seasons have changed
Just burn those new leaves over
So self-absorbed
You’ve seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about

This is the correlation of salvation and love
Don’t drop your arms
I’ll guard your heart
With quiet words I’ll lead you in

Backing away from the problem of pain, You never had a home
You’ve been misguided, You’re hiding in shadows for so very long
Don’t you believe that you’ve been deceived?
That you’re no better than
The hair in your eyes
It never disguised what you’re really thinking of

You’re so brilliant, don’t soon forget
You’re so brilliant, grace marked your heart

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Who are we
That You would be mindful of us?
What do You see
That’s worth looking our way?

We are free
In ways that we never should be
Sweet release
From the grip of these chains

Like hinges straining from the weight
My heart no longer can keep from singing

All that is within me cries
For You alone be glorified
God with us

My heart sings a brand new song
The debt is paid these chains are gone
God with us

Lord, You know
Our hearts don’t deserve Your glory
Still You show
A love we cannot afford

Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary
Nevertheless, we lay it at Your feet

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We have raised a thousand voices
Just to lift Your holy name
And we will raise thousands more to sing
Of Your beauty in this place
Well none can even fathom
No not one define Your worth
As we marvel in Your presence
To the ends of the earth

We give You glory
Lifting up our hands and singing holy
You alone are worthy
We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart
And glory
Lifting up our voice and singing, “holy”
You alone are worthy
We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart

As we fall down before You
With our willing hearts we seek
In the greatness of Your glory
It’s so hard to even speak
There is nothing we can offer
No nothing can repay
So we give You all our praises
And lift our voice to sing

Our hope is drenched in You
Our faith has been renewed
We trust in Your every word
Nothing else can even measure up to You

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