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Who are we
That You would be mindful of us?
What do You see
That’s worth looking our way?

We are free
In ways that we never should be
Sweet release
From the grip of these chains

Like hinges straining from the weight
My heart no longer can keep from singing

All that is within me cries
For You alone be glorified
God with us

My heart sings a brand new song
The debt is paid these chains are gone
God with us

Lord, You know
Our hearts don’t deserve Your glory
Still You show
A love we cannot afford

Such a tiny offering compared to Calvary
Nevertheless, we lay it at Your feet

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Islam = Sharia Law. Don’t day it cannot happen.

Sharia is the sacred law of Islam. Muslims believe Sharia is derived from two primary Sources of Islamic law, namely the revelations set forth in the Qur’an, and the sayings of Muhammad.

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Absence of Light

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Many Will Accept It ?

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12 Gates 12 Foundations

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Spiritual or Mental ?

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Has your love run dry?
A flower under the desert sky
Withered before your eyes
Have your flood walls failed?
Built so high still the storm prevailed
And the water rises to your soul

If you’re a ship and you’re lost in the ocean
I’ll be the wind in your sails give you motion
I will guide you home
If you’re too far out that you can’t see the shoreline
I’ll be the light house shining in the night time
I will guide you home

Is your compass wrong?
Misplaced trust for far too long
Off track and you can’t get back
Did you lose your calm?
You’re not sure where but you know it’s gone
It’s a sad, sad song playing in your soul

When the night is long
When the storm is strong
I will guide you
I will guide you home

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